Ongoing projects

Magneto-inductive positioning and communication

How do you track an animal underground? In a mining disaster, how do you maintain communication? How do you find your way to the departure gate in an airport when GPS doesn’t work? This is an innovative, patent pending, approach to positioning and communication that works underground, indoors and underwater.

 Intelligent Animal Tracking  Tags

What is the optimal sampling rate for accelerometer data on a badger? On a swan? On a lion? Can data be compressed on the fly? By making tags smarter, field studies can work for longer, gathering data at a higher fidelity. This combines machine learning and data analysis with advanced sensor design for reliable long term monitoring. See more here.

 Humans and Robots in Public Spaces

We are using magneto-inductive positioning in the EPSRC funded project “Being There: Humans and Robots in Public Spaces” which is an exciting, cross disciplinary project looking at issues facing the integration of telepresence robots into society. See more here.

Completed Projects

Discrete Gene Regulatory Networks

Using an abstraction of the way cells communicate in the body through protein exchange, a novel sensor network distributed control system was created. What is fascinating about this research is that the control laws are not designed, but evolved to achieve a particular task, such as target tracking.


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